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Local workshops for kids

Over the years this has been many different workshops with hundreds of kiddos. Most of these have been supplied by donations taught by artists and loved by kids!


Costume workshops

Got some cool fabric or a wrinkled trash bag? Do you want to make a costume that's really fun? Well we have a group of artists for you to work with. check out our workshops. 


Bamboo Building

This has always been part of the parade. Depending on interest workshops are organized and material is acquired and building happens. Contact us if you need material or would like to learn some more.

cinco 2012 030.jpg

Face Painting

Every year we offer face painting to whoever might like to have some done. The day of- Time permitting!


Sculpture Workshops

Peoples Joy Parade wants to help artists make what they want to make. Do you have an idea you want to make happen. Maybe we can help! Send us a contact message.


Dance & Movement

This parade is all about the movement you want to bring. Dance troops are welcome in fact All Kinds of dance welcome. Bring it bring music. bring it all. WE LOVE it! Do it in rags or in rag time. we love our dancers. Over the years many have taught classes and learned in classes. contact us if you want to dance or teach. 

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